Background Checks and Drug testing

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Lack of proper employment screening is most often the biggest source of hidden costs in a company. Not abiding to a standard, proven hiring process opens the door to wasted time and energy. The minimum you should do is to conduct a background check and drug screen on new hires to protect both your business and your employees.  You can protect yourself by screening your new hires using our trusted partners at SimpliVerified. 

Turnaround Time

Our team of background check and employment screening experts works quickly to make sure you have the correct information before making an employment decision.

Technology & Integration

We use an enterprise grade application framework that integrates into a various platforms making background checks and drug screening a seamless process. 


Its important that you can trust the information provided to you in a background check. We stay up to date with the latest requirements and ensure you have accurate screening data.


We’re focused on providing our customer with out of this world products and service

– Chris Anderson, COO